<h2>MACHINE WORKSHOP - PSARROS STAVROS</h2><p>33 Ioannou Mastroleonardou Street, Chios</p><div class='bgslideshowmore'><a href='http://www.mixanourgioxios.gr/contact.php?l=en' >More...</a></div> <h2>HIGH KNOWLEDGE</h2><p>Consistency and professionalism in all services provided</p><div class='bgslideshowmore'><a href='http://www.mixanourgioxios.gr/more.php?l=en' >More...</a></div> <h2>AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY REPAIR</h2><p>Continuous technical support for your existing equipment and all types of machines</p><div class='bgslideshowmore'><a href='http://www.mixanourgioxios.gr/more2.php?l=en' >More...</a></div>
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The Machine Workshop Psarros Stavros is based in Chios and is a second-generation family business since 1977. We offer consistently and professionally our services in the field of repairs and trade of agricultural, earthmoving and construction of machinery, parts and spare parts.
Our main concern over the years has been and remains the high quality of our services and the coverage of all the needs of our customers, whether individuals or businesses.
Maintaining and evolving our high expertise and investing in modern equipment, we respond with absolute success to every modern need.

Trust our long-standing experience for direct solutions and repairs to your machinery.